Swimming Classes

For us at Eurythmia, it´s important to provide outstanding service and maintain a strong, trustworthy relationship with
those that adhere to our services. Above all, we want to guarantee the safety and development of our students, that
is why we have partnered up with Serviços Aquáticos do Clube Fluvial Portuense, a reference for its history in the
Aquatic world due to the outstanding quality of its education in this field since 1876.

Their curriculum is divided into five levels with the most basic ones being for children’s adaptation to the aquatic
environment (A and A+), these are followed by teaching/perfecting (B and C).

The A and A+ levels seek to allow students to adapt to being in water. A progressive, pedagogical method is applied at
the pace of each student in order to allow them to dominate balance, breathing, submersion and jumping in the
water. Levels B, C and D strive to broaden swimming skills, focusing on each stroke, take-offs and turn-arounds. Also,
we will try and stimulate students to practice competitive swimming, water polo and/or synchronized swimming.

Children will be accompanied by two Eurythmia employees, (depending on the number of children) so that we can
ensure the safety of the children as well as take part in the swimming activities they will be practicing.

Description Value
Registration 30€
Monthly – (1 per week) 50,00 € / month
Monthly – (2 per week) 65,00 € / month
Registration – 30€
Monthly (2 per week) – 60,00€
Monthly (1 per week) – 50,00€

***Transportation to the facilities of the Club Fluvial Portuense, is included in the price of the modality

  • All Eurythmia students will be offered the registration
  • If fees are paid on a triannual basis a 1% discount will be
  • If fees are paid annually a 2% discount will be
  • The discounts are not
  • The duration of the swimming lessons is for 9
  • Monthly fees should be paid by the 8th of each
  • There are no price deductions made for absences of
  • If the student will not be completing the 9 months of lessons, we ask that a notice be given to the school at least one trimester in advance. If this notice is not received then the payment of that trimester is to be paid in
  • The school reserves the right to alter monthly fees as deemed necessary.

Backpack (practical and small so that children can carry): swimming suit / hair protection/ water sandals / towel /
light snack (note: swimming glasses are not needed in these levels)

Ages: As for 3 years old (as for Dragonflies class on) /Minimum Number : 6
Maximum Number: 14 (places available in transport) / Maximum capacity per class. 10 children

Day of the week Hours
Tuesday* Between 16h45 and 17h30
Thursday* Between 16h45 and 17h30
* We will leave school to Clube Fluvial at 16h00 and will leave the Clube at 18h. The estimated time to arrive to
Eurythmia is about 18.30h.
* We will leave school to Clube Fluvial at 16h00 and will leave the Clube at 18h. The estimated time to arrive to
Eurythmia is about 18.30h.
Transportation to Clube Fluvial Portuense is included in the monthly fee. The swimming academy has their own
transportation. The van has carseats and booster seats.
Upon registering for swimming lessons, we ask that the parent or guardians sign a declaration acknowledging that
they are aware of the transportation conditions.