One of the activities introduced as part of Eurythmia’s new project is the Dance Academy, which began in 2011 with classes in Classical Ballet.


Dance is one of the three principle performing arts of Ancient times, along with theatre and music. It is characterised by the use of previously established (choreography) or improvised (free-style) movements of the body. In most cases dance is accompanied by the sound and rhythm of music and involves the expression of feelings which these produce. It also promotes physical and harmonious development and stimulates concentration, memory, creativity and artistic sensibility. It may also be of therapeutic value for a variety of psychomotor problems, becoming a value acquired for life.

Classic Ballet fosters creativity, the sense of music and the intelectual development of children, as well as increases its
self-esteem. Dancing is not only fun, but it also benefits the emotional and physical well-being of children. Apart from
improving motor coordination, it helps the child to be more disciplined, to be a hard-worker and it improves

In Colégio Eurythmia, the ballet programme follows the Royal Academy of Dance. The content of the programmes that
are planned for the age of these very young ballerinas leads the child to a wonderful world of Ballet. Through music,
natural movements and the calling of the inner child, we teach the first steps of the Classic Ballet technique.

The Ballet teacher – Anabela Lisboa – belongs to the direction board of a school of dance: INDANCE School. If the
ballerinas wish for, they will be invited to participate in the Classic Repertoire Show throughout the academic year, as
well as in the future they will be able to prepare to do the Royal Academy of Dance exams.

Description Value
Registration 20€
Monthly – (1 per week) 38,00 € / month
Monthly – (2 per week) 60,00 € / month
Registration – 20€
Monthly (2 per week) – 60,00 € / month
Monthly (1 per week) – 38,00 € / month
  • All Eurythmia students will benefit from the Registration Fee offer .
  • If fees are paid on a triannual basis a 1% discount will be
  • If fees are paid annually a 2% discount will be
  • The discounts are not
  • The duration of the karate class is for 9
  • Monthly fees should be paid by the 8th of each
  • There are no price deductions made for absences of
  • If the student will not be completing the 9 months of lessons, we ask that a notice be given to the school at least one trimester
    in advance. If this notice is not received then the payment of that trimester is to be paid in
  • The school reserves the right to alter monthly fees as deemed necessary.

Bag/backpack with: Ballet suit / Ballet tights / Ballet shoes / Small-dotted pink skirt / Cardigan or jersey to keep warm
/ Pink hair string, 1 rubber band, net for the hair and hair clips.

To make things easy, the Ballet teacher can order the Ballet uniform to the ballerinas who wish for it.
In order to facilitate the preparation of the children to the classes, we ask the ballerinas to bring a pony tail already
made at home.

Ages: from 3 years old (or from Dragonflies classroom)
Minimum number of enrolments: 6
Maximum number: 12 children (in each class)

Baby Class Hours
Monday Between 15h50 and 16h30
Wednesday Between 15h50 and 16h30
Pre School Hours
Monday Between 16h30 and 17h10
Wednesday  Between 16h30 and 17h10