The space in detail


In our school, we strive to create a space where children, during their first years of formation, can grow and learn in a healthy and harmonious environment.

The spaces have been carefully thought out and prepared to create a safe, stimulating environment in which children feel integrated into the work they have developed and perceive the world around them through the senses.

Through a wide and carefully organized area we create the necessary conditions for the child to develop cognitive, as well as socially, physically and morally.

In a classroom of Eurythmy School, everything is arranged according to a logic and meaning and the teaching materials are carefully selected in order to stimulate creativity and aesthetic sense.

We use various Montessori materials, especially in the 4/5 year room, as we believe they are excellent for enhancing the development of children at various levels.

The different colors, textures and concepts, and the use of real materials, convey a variety of sensory experiences and unique discovery opportunities to children. We have created a space with soul, where the child feels curious, with will and taste in learning and knowing the world that surrounds her.

***All spaces and buildings are interconnected with covered walkways

  • Nursery – room-park and crib room, divided by a glass
  • An activity room for 1 year children
  • An activity room for 2 year childrens
  • Sanitary Facilities for Children
  • Adult Health Facilities (with accessibility)
  • Secretariat
  • Kitchen
  • An activity room for children in Kindergarten
  • Sanitary Facilities for Children
  • Adult Health Facilities
  • Boardroom / Teachers Room
  • Locker rooms
  • Adult Health Facilities
  • Laundry
  • Pantry
  • Storage Room
  • An activity room for children in Kindergarten
  • Sanitary Facilities for Children
  • A Multipurpose Room / Canteen
  • Small storage room
  • Garden that accompanies the back and sides of the building for the recreation of the students when the weather conditions allow (This area is delimited by a plate seal with approximately 2m of height in order to guarantee the safety conditions)
  • Small Plantation – small space with some plantations and animals