Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis is a fun and simplified adaptation of tennis for children from 3 years old.

Classes are divided according to age group, in the garden or in our pink room with a mini tennis net, the rackets are
small and right and the ball is especially made for children: lighter, slower, with lower pressure and less rebound.
The main goal of these classes is to develop children`s coordination skills, such as, throwing , grasping, directing,
carrying or hitting, as well as balance, special orientation , reflexes and agility.

This variety of stimuli allows the child to develop its laterality and eye-hand coordination the racket and the ball will
always make part of the class and the games will be fun.

The children will learn the rules of the game and to cope with both winning and losing. At this stage, technical aspects
have little incidence.

In addition to developing personal and social skills, at the end of the school years the child should be able to:

a) Know and follow rules of the games exercises; b) Hold the racket correctly; c)Guide the strings in the right way;
Know the boundaries of the pitch and understand the concept “inside” and “outside”; c) Play cooperation games
and simple opposition with the teacher and classmates using racket and ball; d) Further development of their
coordination skills and abilities

Description Cost
Enrolment Fee 20€
Monthly payment – (1 x week) 40,00 € / month
  • All Eurythmia students will benefit from the Registration Fee
  • If fees are paid on a triannual basis a 1% discount will be
  • If fees are paid annually a 2% discount will be
  • The discounts are not
  • The duration of the Mini Ténis class is for 9
  • Monthly fees should be paid by the 8th of each
  • There are no price deductions made for absences of
  • If the student will not be completing the 9 months of lessons, we ask that a notice be given to the school at least one trimester
    in advance. If this notice is not received then the payment of that trimester is to be paid in
  • The school reserves the right to alter monthly fees as deemed necessary.

Training equipment, and the student should already come dressed.

Ages: from 3 years old (or from Dragonflies classroom)
Minimum number of enrolments: 6
Maximum number: 10 children (in each class)

Dia da semana Horas
Sexta-feira Entre as 16h00 e as 16h45